A new age for entrepreneurs

The most common misunderstanding about entrepreneurship is that it is about having the one really good idea. The second most common misunderstanding is that as long as the idea is unique, you should just start implementation.


Today, any part of the supply chain can be hired without the need for specialist skills. Get hardware produced for you in China, developers in India to make your technology and razor sharp design done by a freelancer in Brazil. Trouble is; if you can hire all these people – anyone else can too, and you will implement  the same.

Moreover, if they do so before you, your product is dead even if it is marginally better. But being first to the market is still not enough. By the time you have brought your idea to your first markets, copycats will have done the same where you have not entered yet. As soon as you have nailed your go-to-market strategy, you need to get volume – fast.

Getting first to find the most efficient growth model is the main key to make exponential value of investments in  early stage startups. We can take you through all the stages to get there.

The hard thing about it is that as you develop, it will be a complete change from conceiving what you can do, to prioritizing what you cannot do. You will start with no competitors because your idea is really a theory. Soon, much of your choices will be about positioning your company in a fast changing environment of competing for customers, resources and investments.

Continuous change will demand constant innovation. In this environment, being able to adapt fast and implement change is crucial. We believe the only way to do this is to combine an elite field team for agile execution with a science lab for systematically gaining insights.

If you adapt fast, you make a changing marketplace into an advantage instead of a problem.

We bring that to your startup.

We are Adaptable.


You bring the idea, we create the business.


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