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Adaptable is a business launchpad.

We use market insights to find answers to how a startup needs to adapt its product, positioning and communication.

We only work with companies in the very early stages of their lives. It is when you need support the most, but help is either too expensive or too slow. We take shared risk with you, because we are confident that if we use systematic innovation to combine product and concept development, success will follow.

Valley of Death

Our team is both operational specialists and data analysts. We embed into the companies we work with to understand the challenges from their perspective, not from a desk far away. We talk to customers, do user tests and market research to gain insights. Most importantly, we turn assumptions into hypotheses that can be tested. We design and run test, so that even when the hypothesis fails you still get valuable learning from it.

We do not just make reports or give good advice about which direction you should take. We make the change with you.


Sigurd J. Vik, Founder & Managing Director

Email: sjv@adaptable.no
Phone: +47 90698408

Serial entrepreneur within the fields of web development, advertising, media and digital marketing. Started out as a freelance web designer in 1996 and moved through advertising and media strategy into ecommerce and internet business consulting. 

As a part of management or boards, he has taken a central part in building nine successful companies, including one exit, two acquisitions and several new establishments. His most recent position before founding Adaptable was Partner and Business Development Director the marketing- and media group RED Gruppen AS. In his 7 years as responsible for building the company’s digital assets from ground zero with 13 employees, he built the strongest ecommerce and digital marketing services of any independent Norwegian agency.

Central in building the architecture for corporating the company after taking part in a management buyout in 2012, he now holds 23.3% of the shares in the company. At the time of leaving he saw RED Gruppen AS delivering a record result of ~15 MNOK earnings before tax, employing more than 110 people in 9 companies.

Sigurd holds a BA(Hons) degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and spent his students years in London, with a brief stint at New York’s Cooper Union College learning motion graphics and typography.



Sigurd M. Gran, Partner & Commercial Director

Email: sg@adaptable.no
Phone: +47 40232180

Serial entrepreneur in tech and digital marketing. Is a financial analyst by education, however, has spent his carreer in and with startups since leaving the university. Sigurd has great experience from sales and sales management both in Norway and internationally and was responsible for a sales organization of 35 people at the most. He also established and built a sales organization of 16 people in Dublin, Ireland.

Sigurd has founded or co-founded four companies, has been involved with setting up or running a dozen other startups and has done two successful exits. His most recent projects before Adaptable was content marketing agency Plapre and venture backed HR tech company Relinklabs (still involved).

Sigurd holds a masters degree from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) with a major in finance.

Board of Directors, Co-Founders

It is essential to Adaptable that we can provide our portfolio companies with sound advice from experienced startup founders. These three co-founders of the company are all available to give advice on anything from technology to funding as much as how to set up international offices. Through their personal network we have access to the best talent and advisors all over the world.

Pedro Fasting

Business lawyer and MBA, co-founder of Arktis Law. Chair and board member of several tech- and music related startups, including Syncano, ECIT and others.

Nikolai Fasting

Serial entrepreneur within the fields of techology, media and digital services. CEO of Syncano, a cutting edge company in the leading field of cloud computing services called ‘serveless apps’.

Harald Aksnes Lervik

Investor, serial entrepreneur and innovator with strong credentials within the sports betting and lottery industry. Holds several positions as chairman and director.

Selecting new ventures

We will be vested in the same interest as our clients and collaborators; making sustainable and valuable businesses from startups. As such, we have a careful selection process of which projects we engage in. The most important factor in how we choose which ventures we will join is not the brilliance or uniqueness of the idea itself. It is the ability to establish resources capable of scaling the business to create multiplied equity value after our programme has finished.

If you believe you have a business idea where Adaptable can be of help to create value, please feel free to contact us. We are currently at capacity and not looking for further engagements for the near future. However, we will complement our team soon and add new ventures to our portfolio in Q4 of 2016 and Q1 of 2017.