How we work

If you have a product idea or a business venture that can take over the world as soon as you find the model for growth, you have probably looked for services specifically tailored to startups – yet none were fitting. You know your business can get exponential growth, but you are not quite sure about how to get from zero to one.

We have a specific set of services packaged as a toolbox for early stage companies:

Our services

  • Business development strategy through innovation models
  • Concept development for market positioning
  • Project management
  • Prototyping
  • Customer research
  • Marketing
  • Data tracking and analysis

The world’s best innovation models

Our job is to make sure your startup progresses as fast as possible.

If you want a house built, you don’t expect the carpenter to start carving a hammer and forging his nails. You expect him to be the best at using the tools and understanding, which are the best tools for the job.

We use open and approved methods to innovate for the unique challenges that you are facing. Employees must complete a set curriculum before they start work. A continuous education programme keeps us constantly updated on the most recognized innovation methods.

Product-Market fit

By having full compliance to open and available methods we ensure a consistent quality across the team, tasks and clients. In addition, everyone can read up and get up to speed before we start each stage of our process.

We share all of our learnings and reading lists with our clients so that you can evaluate the tools we use and discuss which are most appropriate.

Our business model

Our program typically lasts 9 to 12 months and has a set end.

Our profit model is in equity, stock options or similar incentives. This way, we are 100% aligned with the interest of investors and business owners that we work with.

In order to cover our running costs we charge a fixed management fee.

All our team members are incentivized to contribute to growth in your business.

Our motivation is to finish the program as fast as possible. Not only because time-to-market is critical, but also because the speed at which you evolve allows you to go through learning cycles faster.

As soon as you get into the market, you will face unknown challenges to which you have to adapt. Often, it is not finding the answer to a known question that is hard. Finding out which unknown questions your business will face when it hits new stages of its evolution is the thing that matters most.


As of 2017, we will also invest in select new project where the management fee may waivered. Read more about what type of ideas we look for here: Portfolio Companies.