Our partner network


We provide a full business framework and support

Through our partner network we can provide a full framework for your business. This covers everything from practical needs like office space or getting your website fixed to advisory services such as contracts or international relations. Legal services, accounting & auditing, office space, international offices/hot desks, front and back end development, advertising, design work are all part of what our trusted partners can offer.

Also, our partner network can provide some of the most experienced business and investment advisors that you may need. We can help source good board members who can be a tremendous help in face of challenges.

Our main partners

Newmark Invest is an investment company focused on tech startups with a strong common product platform. Several of these are in Adaptable’s client portfolio.

Explorer HQ is the premier developer community space in Warsaw and Białystok, Poland. It is expanding to other parts of Europe and the world in collaboration with the non-profit developer community organisation Hacklag. Home to several tech-startups it is also a hub for events, workshops and courses. ExplorerHQ also can provide hot desks for developers.

Eyedea is an innovation, tech and prototyping consultancy based in Oslo, Norway, and Białystok, Poland. Among many things they are working on creating a hacker space network throughout the world called Hacklag.

Arktis Law is a business law firm with strong expertise on startups, investments, foreign affairs, technology companies and knowledge based businesses. They provide assistance from conception through investment rounds to exits and are just what a startup needs.


Would you like to join our network? Please contact us on sigurd@adaptable.no