Syncano provides a state of the art serverless app infrastructure, and is one of the leading companies in its field.
Chimera Prime is a mobile, web and 3D realtime graphics development agency.
  Active Loop Television is a real time interactive broadcast technology that can be used for any platform; TV, web, mobile, OTT.

Future engagements

While we are currently at capacity, we will be adding a select few new projects to our portfolio in Q3 2016 to Q1 2017. We look for certain characteristics of a startup:

  • Strong product specialists
  • Internet based market (though not necessarily a virtual product)
  • International growth potential
  • Easily scalable business model
  • Prototyping and early user testing is not capital intensive
  • Complimentary to our current portfolio and partners

If you are an investor or owner with a startup or a business idea that can benefit from the growth we can provide, please get in touch on to set up a call or a meeting.