Progress by process

We work with you in developing the strategy and project managing the progress of implementation in parallel. It is our firm belief that most businesses today suffer not from lack of creativity in inventing new processes, but that they are not systematic enough to get value from them.

Therefore, we have developed a set process based on known innovation methods to make sure everybody is on board before we start work. This is our four-stage process:

Adaptable's model

1. Problem-solution fit

In this phase, we will work with you to define clearly your customer segments based on what problem they are trying to solve. From this, we define a crystal clear value proposition that will be the foundation of you positioning.

To validate the value proposition we will perform personal research with actual customers in the target segments.

  • Objective: Create a profile of the prospects with a problem that matches our solution.
  • Outcome: Value proposition and customer segment maps.
  • Validation method: Customer research.

2. Product-market fit

To ensure we build your value proposal on actual user behaviour, both conscious and unconscious, we create a virtual or actual prototype of the product or service. In this phase, we do user tests to validate, prioritize and explore new features

  • Objective: Observe user behaviour, adapt solution and value proposition.
  • Outcome: Virtual or actual prototypes.
  • Validation method: User testing.

3. Go-to-market strategy

In order to find the market where demand for our product is strong enough to generate revenue we will find the specifications of what the early adopters require. Also, we will find what concept the product needs to be communicated with to be able to create purchase triggers.

  • Objective: Find the channels and concept to reach and convince early adopters in an actual marketplace.
  • Outcome: Minimum viable product specification, early adopter marketing concept.
  • Validation method: Market test.

4. Growth model

In the final phase of our work, we map out the competitor landscape to find the market niche that creates best opportunity for fast growth into category leadership. Establish the structure and routines for profitable growth in such a way that your organisation can build your operations to continue growing after the end of our program.

Note that while all the above phases are supported by innovation frameworks and literature, a growth model is unique. It can only be found through experimentation. It is our experience with running efficient and targeted testing that is your model for success.

  • Objective: Find and establish processes for profitable growth, positioning and further business development.
  • Outcome: Growth- and business model.
  • Validation method: Scale.